The Hot 10

December 29, 2005

Pizza is the stuff of childhood cravings. It’s also romantic. How many first loves have been launched over a steaming hot pie?

We’ve scoured the streets of the Merrimack Valley for the most unusual, basic, reliable and downright tasty pies. Try them all or pick and choose. When the chips fall, pizza is there for you.

Best Everyday Pie

Zesty Pizza

12 Boston Road, Stop & Shop Plaza, Chelmsford, 978-256-8863.

What separates an Italian pizza from the Greek version?

“The crust,” says Teddy Rokas, son of Zesty Pizza owner, Ted. “Greeks put the pie in pans and let it sit out to rise. The Italians’ is much thinner.”

One of the most unique and original options is the make-and-bake pizza — a raw pie is placed in a special takeout tray that you bake at home in the oven at 350 degrees until it reaches the desired crispness. “It’s great for families, who are not sure what time people will be home,” said Rokas.

Though their most popular is cheese, they do have some inventive choices. The BBQ, buffalo and teriyaki chicken pizzas use the said sauces in place of their sweet pizza sauce, then top it with the traditional mozzarella.

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